BOGOWIE (THE GODS) is a 2011 born project, blending free improvised music with
sound-art practices of producing, exploring and understanding tones.
The spectrum of sounds, consisting of traditional and modified musical
instruments, is being complemented with every approachable items that can be
grabbed and used to play music at a given moment.
BOGOWIE perceive the music as open-ended universe of sounds, with no
divisions between classes or genres. The music constitutes their own language
of communication, constantly evolving through the process of improvising,
bearing mutual inspiration and incentives to work upon the sound material.
The personnel consists of experienced musicians, having been part of polish
groups like Hey, L.Stadt, Pogodno, Przasniczki, having cooperated with artists
such as Kasia Nosowska, Tymon Tymanski or Mariusz Wilczynski.

The Chi Chi album is a collection of 15 pieces carefully selected out of 4 hours
of material, recorded 100% live in the studio. The listener receives the access to
the world in which he becomes earwitness of music creation and emergence.
Also, he may always read and interpret the music as he pleases, according to his
personal sensitivity, feelings, or cultural codes.

Band members:
Gwadera Piotr – drums, others
Lewy Suavas – chordophones, winds, others
Mijal Michal – low-sound chordophones, others
Zabrocki Marcin – analog keys, woodwinds, others

Jacek Mazurkiewicz – contrabass @ 38/7/9/32/19/3/36/35/22 , piezo fork synth @ 6
Gosia Herba – vox@19

Receive this gift and become a god.

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